Burks ADR understands that different conflicts require different arrangements for fees and expenses. Accordingly, we will tailor fees and expenses to fit the client’s needs and budget, the nature of the conflict and issues to be covered, the number of parties involved, and the work effort expected for the mediation, arbitration or conflict management.

Typically, a fee arrangement will be an hourly rate. For a basic two-party mediation, the hourly rate is $350 and can be divided among the parties as they so agree. For mediations involving three or more parties, the rate per party or overall rate divided among the parties will be negotiated.

Sometimes, the parties desire a fixed daily rate. This can be accomplished by mutual agreement.

An agreed-upon preparation fee may be an additional charge as the circumstances require. Burks ADR does not charge administration fees.

On occasion expense reimbursements may be charged in addition to the fees. Usually, expense reimbursements would be for travel or expenses of extraordinary facilities.

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