Burks ADR provides the alternative dispute resolution services of mediation, arbitration and conflict management.

Mediations and arbitrations may be held at the offices of Burks ADR, LLC or at locations of your selection.

Travel throughout the United States and some international travel is welcomed in order to accommodate our clients and their circumstances.

Mediations by Burks ADR are conducted in traditional, time proven processes, with a focus on the evaluative technique.

We distinguish ourselves from other mediation services by engaging in more thorough preparation, and by using a high degree of innovation and thoughtfulness for developing potential resolution for each dispute. We concentrate on using the mediation methods which are most appropriate for the particular dispute we are working to resolve.

Arbitrations are conducted in accordance with the procedures of the American Arbitration Association, with modifications or other procedures to which the involved parties agree.

Our objective is to provide an arbitration procedure which is much less expensive than normal court litigation and trial, while giving full consideration to legal issues and precedents, supporting facts and witness credibility.

The United States and most individual States have adopted laws encouraging arbitration as good public policy. Our services are part of that policy, and assist our clients in avoiding unnecessary court costs and delays.

Conflict Management is another area of dispute resolution that Burks ADR offers. We provide conflict management for businesses, entities and government agencies and assist in managing internal conflicts in order to promote improvement in operations, functions, management, governance and decision making.

Some examples include disputes concerning: (i) members of a board of directors; (ii) franchisees and franchisors; (iii) intellectual property ownership or interpretations; (iv) managers of different departments or divisions; (v) manufacturing or product distribution processes; and (vi) public utility operations or expansions.

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